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Photography in it’s basics, is the capture of light on the subject. The true portrait photographer, 'captures the soul’. 


Nic specialises in photographing people whether it be on location or in a studio. He is mainly a portrait photographer, though also takes great pleasure from shooting events and gigs.


With more than 25 years experience in Creative industries & 8 years working in Communications, Nic has developed the skills to get the best out of people.  The ability to get your subject to relax & feel comfortable with a lens pointing at them is of utmost importance.  Whether it be for a corporate company, a family shoot or fashion, Nic is able to make the subject feel at ease. 


His approach to portraiture is to capture an interaction, & a communication which leads to a relationship with the subject & the viewer. 

Based in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty,  New Zealand, Nic is available to commission a shoot. Please go the contact page to make an appointment or request a quote.

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